Antichamber Stuff

I got tired of not having a working auto-splitter on Linux.

The method I'm applying should in theory work with any other operating system, meaning that this could fix the issues with the Humble Bundle version of the game.

The Method

I'm replacing the log file that Antichmamber 'normally' generates (but is missing on the Linux version and on the humble bundle versions) with my own log file generated by a preloaded shared library that wraps a few library functions that Antichamber uses. In particular, I'm wrapping `ov_open_callbacks`, which is called every time that a sound used in Antichamber is opened. This is used to replace the trigger on clicking the map, and the trigger when finishing the game.


For the moment, this requires a hacked up version of AntiTimer (source provided here) and my library found on github.

  1. Clone the Antilogs repository, run `make`.
  2. Unzip the `` (which contains the whole git repository) and run `mvn package -Dmaven.test.skip=true` (Not sure why tests fail, but I don't really care enough...)


When you launch Antichamber, prepend `LD_PRELOAD=path/to/`, so you end up with `LD_PRELOAD=path/to/ path/to/UDKGame-Linux`. Then launch Antitimer. Or do it in the opposite order. Use AntiTimer like normal.

Known Issues

I tried implementing the `Launch Antichamber` menu item for this, but for some reason it randomly deletes files in its current state. I added a warning because of this.

Everything is exclusively setup for Linux systems, and has only really been tested on my system so far. Fair warning.

All the code that was previously there is still there. That means that it's still going to look for wrong things in the log file, because I didn't bother to change it. This needs a cleanup, but it works.